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Front chest

Our most popular option for adding a touch of style and brand presence to a garment.

We can embroider your message or logo in up to six colours at any size up to 120mm x 120mm.

Back neck panel

Becoming more popular by the day, embroidery on the rear neck panel is a sleek way to add your logo, company or staff name or brand message/strapline.

As with the chest, we can embroider in up to 15 colours at any size up to 120mm width.

Large Back Logo

We can also embroider larger logos on the back of garments. This will require an additional set up cost for the larger designs but it can be up to 220mm width by 220mm height. This is a very effective way for you logo to stand out.


All embroidering requires an initial set-up, but after the one-time origination fee, we charge a flat fee per option, per garment.

For basic lettering, we have templates already made helping you avoid origination fees but for new logos, a one off set up cost of £18 exc vat per image to digitise your logo. The designs are kept for you for any subsequent orders.

The cost of embroidery would be confirmed on receipt of artwork

  • + £18.00 Set-up (new artwork only)
  • + £3.00 Front chest
  • + £3.00 Back Neck panel
  • + From £5.00 Large Back Embroidery

Transfer Printing

The increasing demand for personalised clothing make this service ideal for all types of businesses. A comprehensive range of colours and finishes are available and transfers that can be printed in single or multiple colours, and can be applied to a variety of garments.

With low quantities and minimal comparison set up costs, our brands use transfer printing for specialist one off events.

Vinyl - Fine detail logos, durable & high performance generally used for single colour designs but can be used for some multi coloured designs.

Screen Printing

Traditional screen printing is the best technique for vibrant, crisp colours, and it generally achieves better quality and finer detail than other processes. Screen printed clothing can be washed at 40 degrees with no complications.

Our automatic printing machines can produce runs of 25 and over per design. However Screen printing is more cost effective on larger size orders of around 150 garments or more.

Running semi-automatic presses we can produce of 20,000 printed t-shirts per day; that's 100,000 during a standard working week.

Features of our complex screen prints include:

  • 4 & 6 colour process - photographic reproduction onto white and light coloured garments
  • 12 colour simulated process prints - photographic reproduction onto coloured garments
  • Metallic printing - produces a more matt mirrored foil finish
  • Puff printing - a raised finish
  • Phosphorescent - glow in the dark

From basic single, up to 12 spot colours or striking specialist techniques, we can handle all of your corporate print requirements


The actual cost will depend on the chosen design and the quantity required. There are other variables, including the number of different colours per screen printed design. We can provide guidance regarding both finishes and garments - a free no-strings quote will be with you within 24 hours of your enquiry.

New designs are subject to a set-up charge for print screens. These costs vary again according to the number of colours (printing), and will be detailed clearly in the quote. All the print screens we use are held in storage for 6 months; if you re-order within this period no further set- up fees will be incurred. If after 6 months a repeat order is placed, a print screen re-make charge will apply.

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**personalisation requires a set up process. If you are a new customer, please call for a summary of set up costs.